ENHANCE GX-K3 Backlit Gaming Keyboard with 104 MechanicalFeel Hybrid Keys , Multimedia Hotkeys & 3 LED Backlight Colors – Works with PC Games

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ENHANCE GX-K3 Backlit Gaming Keyboard

  • Has an aluminum based body and metal back panel design give the GX-K3 a modern and elegant look.
  • With a sleek low-profile build, it wont take up extra space at your desk or work station.
  • Built-in swivel feet allow for adjustable height settings so your wrists and hands will remain comfortable.
  • The GX-K3 also features LED backlights that cycle between 3 different colors – Red, Blue, Purple.
  • Brightness controls let you turn up the LEDs, dim or simply turn them off.
  • Control how your computer runs with the 12 easy to reach multimedia shortcut keys.
  • The keyboard comes programmed with smart functions that allow you to map keys, activate turbo mode, or lock the start menu which helps prevent interruptions during gameplay.
  • A 65 inch nylon braided USB cable provides strength and reliability that comes from gaming on a consistent basis.
  • Plug and play design – no driver installation.

Works With
ARK: Survival Evolved / Battlefield 4 / Call of Duty: Black Ops III / Civilization V / Counter-Strike: Global Offensive / Dota 2 / The Elder Scrolls V / Fallout 4 / Grand Theft Auto V / Team Fortress 2 / World of Warcraft / The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and more PC games

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